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e-borghi travel 1, Mountain and villages: Itinerary, Sila’s sense of snow

In the heart of Sila there’s a special place which has got the same taste of high mountains. 150thousand hectares of Heaven on earth where the nature and the snow are the sovereigns. On the edge of our boot (Italy) we have taken off to Sila. The forests, the lakes, the highlands where the sea scents come in Summer and the silence of snow covers everything in Winter. The mountains almost reach 2000 metres of altitude and the white snow lets the sun shine in plenty of multicoloured shades from the dawn to the sunset. The Sila, also known as the Sila Highlands or the Sila forest covers an area of three provinces: Cosenza, Catanzaro and Crotone. Before starting our journey let’s remind that we can’t actually identified one area only because there are three different areas, each featuring its own wonders. The Greek Sila which stretches out up to Longobucco – Cosenza - Pollino then there’s the Small Sila which stretches out towards the South up to Catanzaro and the Big Sila that is maybe the most representative one. Our route will start here: we are in the oldest national park of the region, it was created in 2002 and it covers more than 70 thousand hectares of protected land. It’s considered the green heart of the whole region and it has been entered into the Unesco heritage among the best reserves of the Italian biosphere. The wolf is the symbol of this park, it has been an endangered species until 1970, when a law to protect these animals was approved. We hope we’ll be able to meet them in the snow near the forests.

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