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e-borghi travel 1, Mountain and villages: Caruso Artistic Weaving

Artistic Weaving & Caruso Carpets School collects the great meaning of the textile tradition that has always marked Sangiovese craftsmanship. Caruso Artistic Weaving The ozaturi a “pizzulune”, the typical “trappigne” or the la “n’cullerata” blankets are some of the best creations by the master Domenico Caruso who has been passing on to new generations the mastery of creating true works of art by using the fabric. The story of this art from the Sila started in the Middle Ages when women from the Hamlet of San Giovannni in Fiore started to work the fabric for the weaving of clothes and houses furnishing because of the very cold Winter. The quality of this type of weaving that was born close to the very ancient Florense abbey soon became very famous and around the mid XXth century a school was born, managed by the Armenian masters who taught the local weavers the techniques to make carpets. Finally this experience ended up in a crisis of this handcrafting tradition that was interrupted only by Savatore Caruso in the 1970s. He started to use the old weaving machines and he started up his own workshop, the Artistic Weaving by Caruso. Nowadays the workshop is run by his son Domenico and it is a reference point for the most important brands of contemporary art. Thanks to his experience and skills Domenico makes fabrics, carpets, tapestries and projects featuring a high artistic value like the copies of the drawings from the Liber Figurarum(Book of Figures) by Joachim of Fiore on wonderful silk tapestries fully hand knotted. An amazing and difficult work that combines traditions and artistic mastery. Just consider that it takes a whole year to complete a drawing by using the knotting technique. The two workshops, the historical one in San Giovanni in Fiore and the most recent one in Cosenza enable you to discover all the precious creations made by Domenico whose value is acknowledged all over the world.

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