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e-borghi travel 1, Mountain and villages: Alpe Cimbra, Glints of Lusérn

The mountains that surround Lusérn are sweet. At 1.300 metres of altitude, this tiny village on the South-West of Trento is attached to the borders of a wide pasture that reaches Folgaria e Lavarone. It’s a huge chalky terrace surrounded by deep valleys and cliffs with climbs of almost six-hundred metres. Beeches, spruces and larches share the land with the pastures and the Vezzena Pass, the narrow crossroad of the Assa Valley and the Highlands of the Seven Councils (Altopiano dei Sette Comuni) are right next to Lusérn, a village where the Cimbro, an old type of dialect from Baviera that was brought from the Medieval colonizers is still spoken. This area is made of two parts: the central one of Lusérn, that stretches on a plain on the border with the so-called Tal von San Antone featured by the classical “Strassendorf” which is the typical group of houses that has been developping along a single road and Tezze which is located in the lower side of a little valley on the Southern edge. Behind the ridgeline of Malga Campo, there is Untarhäusar or Case di Sotto (the lower houses) and Obarhäusar or Case di Sopra (the upper houses) and Galen from Galeno which was the nick-name of a local family then there are the three areas of the Summer group of houses. The stone is the protagonist in this area, it is used to construct the fields and the terraced vegetable gardens which are essential for these communities. In Winter the wind from the North blows in Lusérn which becomes the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday near the ski areas and the tracks for the excursions with the snowshoes while in Summer this area is heated by the sun all day so it’s grea staying in the open air along the tracks and an amazing view is assured. In this part of Trentino besides practising the Winter sports and plenty of activites in Summer you can also experience the local traditions and the local culture by following a number of theme routes full of history, art and culture. Of course a wide range of good food is never absent, it combines the dishes of tradition to the local tasty specialties.
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