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e-borghi travel 10, Cinema and villages: Le Castella, history on the water

From the heart of this tiny sea village you’ll see the Aragonese castle in the distance, it’s connected to the coastline through a stretch of land and sand. Set in the heart of the marine protected area of “Capo Rizzuto”, the village of Le Castella is a well-known destination and it’s a landmark of the Ionian coastline of Calabria. You can enjoy a unique landscape from its sandy beaches and its cliffs, interspersed with light grey sand. In this part of the Ionian Sea the sky and the sea are marked by the shape of a fortress that was built in the 15th century, it was used as a shelter for the soldiers who were facing the invaders’ attacks. This part of the coastline is particularly beautiful mainly because of the position of its fortress which was chosen as the set of many famous movies. Le Castella is one of the best loved places along the coastline of Calabria since history and art come together and they match the landscapes, the nature, the colours and the tastes of this part of Southern Italy.
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