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e-borghi travel 10, Cinema and villages: Bevagna, a whole different movie!

Calling a tiny village like Bevagna “Cinecittà umbra” may sound strange but the list of movies, TV movies and fictions that have been shot there is really long and it’s going to get even longer. Only in the last two years the Dutch director Paul Verhoeven’s troupe (the author of Basic Instinct, to make myself clear) have been wondering around the narrow streets of this wonderful Medieval village. He set his “Blessed Virgin” in Bevagna, the movie is going to be released in Italy at the end of 2019 with the name “Benedetta” starring Charlotte Rampling and Lambert Wilson as the protagonists; and the very young cast of the TV movie “Sara and Marti” broadcasted by Disney Channel has just moved to Bevagna for the shooting of the second series; recently the 8 episodes from the TV fiction “The Name of the Rose” broadcasted on Rai 1 last spring were partially set in Bevagna, starring John Turturro and Rupert Everett. But the role of movie set is not new for Bevagna since some important movies were shot there like “Musica in Piazza” (The Music in the Square) (1936), “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” (1972) and “Don Matteo 6” (Father Matthew) (2007).

Torna alla versione sfogliabile con foto della rivista

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