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e-borghi travel 2, Well-being and villages: Bertinoro: hospitality, thermal baths, wine and... the secret of Spungone

Maybe not everyone knows that there’s another Romagna, nut just the one of the beaches: it’s the hinterland, the hills and the vineyards. Bertinoro is there, it’s a village of ten thousand inhabitants laid on a hill whose Medieval layout and the well-being are still untouched: it’s a tradition that goes back to millions of years ago. The rocky ridgeline of its hills go back to that ancient time: it was a lush coral reef. This particular rocky conformation called Spungone because of its sponginess is rich in minerals so the wines that are produced in this area are featured by particular organoleptic properties as well as the water that runs underground. It is not by chance that you feel good in Bertinoro where the beauty and the well-being are absolute values.
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