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e-borghi travel 2, Well-being and villages: Castrocaro Terme, In the heart of well-being

In the hinterland of Forlì Castrocaro Terme keeps all the features of the well-being of Emilia-Romagna come together in its tiny village overlooked by a medieval castle: characteristic views, a wide range of food and wine products, thermal water for your relaxing moments and a handful of legends to be discovered along its narrow streets. If you leave Forli and drive along the state road that crosses the green hills, the vineyards and the last edges of the Apennines the castle will welcome you in Castrocaro Terme. Perched on a cliff of sea origin, many fossils were found in that area, the castle and its towers have an age-old story to be told: it was already a part of the feud belonging to the Earls of Castrocaro in 1118 and many famous people have been living there afterwards. One of the most famous was certainly Freferick Barbarossa and a number of battles, excommunications and changes of ownership happened there. The role of Castrocaro as the main town under the Republic of Florence since the XVth century is interesting.

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