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e-borghi travel 2, Well-being and villages: Itinerary, Riviera of Cyclops, mythical and slow

The Sicilian coastline from Aci Castello to Acireale that looks like a drawing of lava and it’s shaped by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea goes back to the ancient Greek myths and has inspired such personalities like the writer Giovanni Verga and the movie director Luchino Visconti. The Riviera of the Cyclops takes its name from its facing islands, a little archipelago in a protected sea area featured by cliffs and the desert island of Lachea and it is said that they were the rocks that Polyphemus threw as Ulisse sailed away after cheating and making him blind. The ideal destination of this Riviera is the sea village of Aci Trezza, in the county of Aci Castello. The repetition of the prefix Aci in the place-names of this area comes from a shepherd called Aci who might have lived in this area, he was a beautiful young men who fell in love with the nymph Galatea and he was killed by Polyphemus for this reason. The shepherd’s blood, thanks to the intercession of the nymphs was turned into a river that took his name that is called Lavinaio nowadays.

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