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e-borghi travel 2, Well-being and villages: Crossborder: Croatia - Istrian villages : beautiful with a soul

Istria: It plunges into the sea with its magic villages along the coastline and it is also stuck to the mainland with its Dinariche Alps. A line of medieval villages and hills is cast between the peaks and the sea surrounded by a vegetation of laurel and myrtle that are displayed as a palette of colours to be framed through your sight. Colours and shades of colours, lights displayed like a painting: the red soil is featured by the rows of vineyards and by the silver olive groves, there are deep blue gulfs and deep green peninsulas and the karstic white rocks that plunge into the sea. It’s a diverse landscape that offers slow routes at the discovery of the past through the many Byzantine, Roman, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian memories. It’s a journey at full well-being paced by the historical and the natural heritage that Istria offers, so charming with its contrasts and so diverse with its variety of suggestions: an endless wishing well to discover the villages by following the historical routes along the multi-shaped natural landscapes.

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