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                                                                                                   Salvatore Poerio


                                                                                                   Publishing coordinator

                                                                                                   Luciana Francesca Rebonato


                                                                                                   Art director
                                                                                                   Ivan Pisoni


                                                                                                   Editorial office

                                                                                                   Simona Poerio


                                                                                                   With the collaboration of

                                                                                                   Antonella Andretta, Alessandra Boiardi, Simona P.K.Daviddi, Renata
                                                                                                   Giolli, Cinzia Meoni, Luca Sartori, Giulio Tellarini, Marco Raccichini


                                                                                                   Beatrice Lavezzari

                                                                                                   Promotion and Advertising

                                                                                                   3S Comunicazione – Milano

                                                                                                   Cosimo Pareschi

                                                                                                   Piersilvio Volpato

                                                                                                   Giovanna Fiori

                                                                                                   3S Comunicazione

                                                                                                   Corso Buenos Aires, 92
                                                                                                   20124 Milano


                                                                                                   tel. 0287071950 – fax 0287071968

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                                                                                                   lowing terms: all rights reserved. Any section of
                                                                                                   can’t be reproduced, recorded or broadcasted in any form or by any

                                                                                                   means, be it electronic or mechanical or through photocopies, recor-

                                                                                                   ding or other systems without a previous written authorization by 3S
                                                                                                   Comunicazione. Although a careful check of the information that are

                                                                                                   contained in this issue has been carried out, 3S Comunicazione won’t
                                                                                                   be considered responsible for any mistakes or omissions. The opinions

                                                                                                   being given by contributors are necessarily the same as the ones gi-
                                                                                                   ven by 3S Comunicazione. Unless different directions, the individual

                                                                                                   copyrights belong to the contributors.

                                                                                                   All efforts have been made to track down the owners of the photos’
                                                                                                   copyright in case they were not taken by our photographers. We’re

                                                                                                   apologizing in advance for possible omissions and we’re available to

                                                                                                   enter further clarifications in the next issues.

                                                                                                   © 2019 e-borghi
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