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Luciana Francesca Rebonato                                                                                                              e-


                                                 mne trinum est perfectum. That is “every trinity is perfect” at

                                          Oleast according to the Medieval dictates and the Pre-Socratic

                                           philosophers’ beliefs. That’s the way I’d like to introduce the third
                                           issue of e-borghi travel which is entirely dedicated to the parks, the

                                           chests of treasure to be discovered in all their beauty. Villages and
                                           territories that are perched between the sky and the mountain pe-

                                           aks or on the top of the cliffs overlooking the sea, the icons of Italy
                                           that look like the confetti spread over the countryside areas, the

                                           lakes or the rivers’ shores and are framed like perfect paintings in

                                           the open air when they portray the details that are highlighted by
                                           the different shades of the light and their personality. We are using
                                           this amazing palette of colours to describe the National Park of Gran

                                           Paradiso in Valle d’Aosta and the protected areas of Ossola in Pied-

                                           mont, to capture the light from the rocks of the Ligurian Sea and
                                           the National Park of Cinque Terre. On the East there’s the regional

                                           Park of Mincio softened by the shape of the streams of the slowest
                                           Lombardy while on the Lazio coastline there’s the National Park of

                                           Circeo. Along the coast of Puglia we’ll lead you through the National
                                           Park of Gargano then we’ll go through the Park of Gallipoli between

                                           the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Sea and we’ll also explore the Litt-

                                           le Dolomites from Lucania- Basilicata and we’ll reach Civitella Alfe-
                                           dena in the National park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. Finally the

                                           National Park of Nebrodi will be the protagonist in Sicily, it is the
                                           biggest protected area of the ancient Trinacria. Let’s jump from the

                                           masterpieces of nature to the masterpieces of art through the exhi-
                                           bition “The nature of Arp” scheduled from the 13th of April to the

                                           2nd of September at the Peggy Guggenheim’s Collection in Venice:
                                           we’ll offer you a preview of the different aspects of the symbolic

                                           and suggestive art of Dadaism. We aim at giving you suggestions
                                           and ideas for your next holidays or a week-end in the name of the

                                           slow tourism in the most charming Italian parks surrounded by the

                                           beauty and the nature. So let the adventure begin.

                                                                                               Luciana Francesca Rebonato
                                                                                                         Publishing coordinator
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