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e-borghi travel 3, Parks and villages: The protected areas of Ossola

High peaks and low valleys, old tracks, rivers, mines, peaks and passes, mills and furnaces, mountain pastures with very old dairy traditions: that’s what the protected areas of Ossola keep in their treasure box set in the core of the Alpes. The richness of this geographical area is a gift from nature: the Devero mountain, the Veglia mountain and the high Antrona Valley all gathered under the protection and the management of the Agency for the protection of the Ossola’s region, three different areas according to their territory, their environment, their culture and their history. If you knock at their door you must be ready to go on three different journeys: you can go along the ancient tracks between Italy and Switzerland that are the heritage of the Walser culture. Some tracks cross delicate landscapes, bogs and alpine plains, others run across the pastures and the fields where the dairy farms are spread. There are several available tracks for the skiers and for the snow-shoes lovers from Winter to Spring.

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