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e-borghi travel 3, Parks and villages: The Gargano Park, the triumph of biodiversity

It’s heaven for the bio-diversities with 120.000 hectares spread with plenty of different habitats. Surprises are endless in the Gargano National Park where a number of protected areas among which the Marine Reserve of Tremiti Islands are set while the last edge of the Umbrian Forest lays in the sun in the hinterland. There are many tiny villages in this park in Puglia and there is also 35% of the whole botanical species that are present in Italy thanks to the different habitats that make it a unique place to be explored throughout the year. You can go deep into the colours and the scents of nature and enjoy good food or you can walk along the different paths and the unusual tracks of the pilgrims. The white rocks plunge into the deep blue Adriatic Sea while your glance gets lost towards the hinterland that is featured by the lush forests, the castles, the monasteries, the crypts, the cathedrals and the rural churches.

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