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e-borghi travel 3, Parks and villages: Parco dei Nebrodi, nature with a view

The Nebrodi Park is set between the provinces of Messina, Catania and Enna, it discloses all its beauty by exhibiting natural routes that astonish the travellers at every step with breathless views and an amazing mix of plants and animals. The widest green area of Sicily became a Park in 1993 and it’s covered by 87thousand hectares of vegetation including the forests, the mountains and the humid areas. The Park stretches on a wide area and it also “goes up” to 1.847 metres on the sea level from where you can see its highest mountain called Mount Soro. There’s a lot to be discovered thanks to the several routes that lead the tourists through the villages, the fields, the cultivations and the mountain areas. You will be impressed by the great variety of the flowers’ colours especially in Spring when you can also see some birds of prey: if you’re careful enough you’ll be able to see the hawks, the griffins and the royal eagle. Then you can enjoy an amazing view from the Nebrodi Park: from the mountain peaks and the pastures you can see the Eolie Islands up to her Majesty the Etna. Just a glance of this view deserves the entire journey.

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