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e-borghi travel 3, Parks and villages: The Mincio Park: a river runs through it

The Mincio Park covers an area of more than 15thoiusand hectares in Lombardy between the lake Garda, the Po river and the wonderful Mantua. This territory is crossed by this river and the biodiversity, the art and the history make a perfect balanced match to give the visitors and the tourists a unique experience that is lived following a low pace. It belongs to the Unesco heritage and it is featured by unspoilt natural breathless landscapes that are inhabited by protected animal species and plants. It is not by chance that the Mincio territory, this is the “brand” of this destinations and specifically the humid area which is important at an International level with its villages of Grazie di Curtatone, Rivalta sul Mincio and Soave have been entered among the thirty Italian Eden (acronym for European Destinations of Excellence) since 2009 because of the natural importance of the area. Actually there are three hundred species of birds among which different types of herons, the cormorants, the coloured bee- eaters and the kingfishers.

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