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ENJOY THE BEST OF ITALY                    Luciana Francesca Rebonato                                                                                                              e-



                                                ime slows down by the sea and the infinite opens up. On this

                                          Tnew issue of e-borghi travel the word “sea” will be your passport

                                           through the feelings and the enchantment of the places you are
                                           going to know. Set sail towards the coastlines we have chosen for

                                           you and fulfill your senses in the villages surrounding Nettuno that
                                           shape the coast together with the islands and the group of islands

                                           that have come to the surface thus giving the sea-lovers many sacred
                                           works of art and the masterpieces of nature. It’s the magic between

                                           the mainland and the waves and the climax can be reached in Tu-

                                           scany where the history and the art have come together to make
                                           an endless stage of cultural heritage and an amazing landscape. A
                                           great variety of views especially along the coastline; sandy beaches,

                                           cliffs, inlets, dunes and the wind that ruffle them. The archipelago

                                           of La Maddalena is standing out between the sea and the Mistral,
                                           an incredible landscape of islands, sea-beds, the triumph of shapes

                                           and colors that make this part of Sardinia the perfect place for a slow
                                           tourism with the wind in your sails. On the Western part of the Island

                                           Alghero will impress you with its clear blue water and a palette of co-
                                           lors that froths the deep blue waves as well as  its coral coastline that

 *Numero soggetto a tariffazione specifica   ch Sperlonga, a never-ending surprising place featured by beautiful
                                           stretches for kilometers and shows the white sandy beaches, the in-
                                           lets and the cliffs. If you go back to the mainland you’ll be able to rea-

                                           views, the bright houses and the view of the Pontine islands. Then
                                           with a jump you will be in the Salento, the exotic Italian area with

                                           two seas that ridge its beaches, the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea.
                                           The coastline along the Ionian Sea is featured by sandy and rocky

                                           beaches while the Adriatic Sea is featured by many exciting cliffs and
                                           a list of tiny villages that is shared by both. Then the South of Sicily

 Enjoy Maggiore’s itineraries with flexible rental offers at the most competitive rates. With   will give you wonderful temples with a view, golden sea-dunes, whi-
                                           te rocks and calcareous white rocks that were shaped by the wind. If
 54 sites, Italy takes the crown as the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  you cross the borders of Italy you’ll meet Greece, a chest of classical

                                           myths and surprising landscapes where the “slow” tourism is ideally
 Enjoy the 193 km itinerary from Marche Region to Emilia Romagna, stopping over in Urbino and   described by the words kairós and krónos, the two meanings that

 Ferrara, two beautiful towns of the Renaissance. And if you want to take a detour along the way,   the Greek used to give to the time. Since “happiness is a simple idea
                                           when facing the sea” as Jean-Claude Izzo used to write.

 nothing is easier. From Ravenna, with its exquisite mosaics, to Bologna for a culinary tour of the

 local delicacies, continuing on to Maranello if you are passionate about cars. There are so many

 attractions to enjoy; with a Maggiore rental you can experience them all.                      Luciana Francesca Rebonato

                                                                                                         Publishing coordinator

 In  Marche  and  Emilia  Romagna,  Maggiore  has  14  rental  agencies  at  all  the  main  towns,

 railway stations and airports.

 Book a car on and enjoy the best of Italy.

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