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e-borghi travel 4, Sea and villages: La Maddalena, the village protected from wind

The village of La Maddalena was born in the second half of the 18th century along the Southern coast of the island near Cala Gavetta, an area that is protected from the wind. It has become bigger in the last years and the constructions have reached the area of Castelletti, a group of rocks that look out on the Eastern cove up to the square of Santa Maria Maddalena where the main church is still standing today. This is one of the most important monuments together with the market and the City Hall which is located in the former Elms Square. A curious fact: the church was built between 1779 and 1784 when the people moved from the village of Collo Piano to the seaside area. It’s a quiet place in Winter and it becomes the favourite destination in Summer especially for the ones who want to relax, go sailing, swim in the different beautiful coves or plunge into the vibrating life of the city and stroll around the shops, the coffee bars and the locals.

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