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e-borghi travel 4, Sea and villages: The other Tuscany: travelling around the hinterland villages and the islands

If Florence, Pisa, the “Chiantishire” as well as the villages like Volterra and San Giminiano are famous all over the world, Tuscany is actually an endless chest of historical, architectural and natural treasures that can astonish even the ones who think they know this region pretty well thanks to many precious details that are like precious jewels that deserve to be slowly discovered in a well-being mood. But your experience there can also be active, you can choose the bike or the walking tourism that can be matched to a stay in one of the very trendy places that are spotted along the coastline. You can see amazing villages in the hinterland, they sound protecting the coastline with their ancient strongholds and they are the perfect panoramic points to enjoy the sunset on the sea while you are sipping some precious local wine, it’s another “gift” that Tuscany gives to its visitors thanks to its position that looks towards the West. Let’s set off to some amazing unusual places: we’ll travel not far from the coastline leaving from the Northern side where the hinterland borders with Liguria.
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