N. 4 Sea and villages: Sperlonga, the ancient Pearl of the Empire

In Sperlonga the sun goes down in the sea. This amazing view fills your eyes very day in this tiny village of the Ulysses coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is the Pearl of the Southern edge of Lazio, it is perched on a cliff which is the extension of the Aurunci mountains. Its history is featured by many raids and plunders by the Saracen and the Turkish pirates but it is also a place that was praised by the Romans because of its wonderful coast where Tiberius decided to build one of his residences. Sperlonga is a typical Medieval village where there are wonderful views and Ponza in the background. Curiosity is the engine of your visit since the tiny squares, the narrow streets, the staircases and the arches will impress your feelings.
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