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e-borghi travel 5, Landscapes and villages: Alp Cimbrian: Strongholds, tracks and ancient tastes

It’s an ancient border land. The Cimbrian Alps is an area of Trentino, it’s an area of the Alps that tells about its ancient origins. It’s a charming territory because of its natural heritage and because of its history as well as its villages and traditions. Folgaria, Lusèrn and Lavarone are the main tiles of a mosaic which is featured by beautiful alpine villages, one of the widest mountain pastures of Europe that can perfectly put together all the different characteristics to offer many attractions and activities to the tourists from all over the world like the biking, the trekking and the alpine skiing. The Cimbrian Alps is also a place of old traditions and culture where the wonders of nature like the lake Lavarone and the Hofentol waterfalls match the local food products like the speck, the cheese, the honey and all the typical products that deserve to be tasted in the alpine huts or in the restaurants.
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