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e-borghi travel 5, Landscapes and villages: The Po River Delta, the Unesco nature

A landscape will impress you if you are overwhelmed by feelings. The feelings can be the most diverse and the astonishment is one of the most evident. If you see the Po Delta for the first time you’ll certainly be impressed from this suspended surreal landscape. The same feeling is shared before the different landscapes and the different eco-systems of this unique area which is part of the Unesco heritage and it gives us its amazing environment rich of flora and fauna, history, culture and nature. The Po Delta includes part of the Piedmont and reaches Emilia Romagna constantly changing its landscapes featured by the dunes, the banks, the floodplain and the lagoons. It’s a territory to be carefully seen, it’s one of the favourite destinations of birdwatchers because of its quietness where you can linger and take your time. It’s also a place to breath and enjoy all kinds of activities. You can go on beautiful excursions, you can sail along the river, you can go horse-riding, you can go for long walks or you can go cycling and you can also enjoy a day in the sun on the beach.

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