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e-borghi travel 5, Landscapes and villages: When you feel a landscape within yourself

Our country is beautiful everywhere but there are some landscapes that fill your sight and you can’t forget them anymore. You feel them within yourselves, their colours, their taste are unique and unforgettable. What can we say about the amazing red rocks of Arbatax in Sardinia? The granite with the colour of the fire facing the deep blue sea where you can taste the specialties from Ogliastra mainly the Culurgiones, the filled pasta with the shape of the spike that contains the potatoes, the pecorino cheese and the mint. Then there are the hidden views like the Lagoon of Marano around the charming village that has its name. Close to Lignano Sabbiadoro there’s a landscape of swans and silence, the fish is farmed among the cane fields and the fishermen’s wooden huts in a lagoon habitat that enable to farm the fish all the year through.

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