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e-borghi travel 5, Landscapes and villages: The salt ways between the earth and the sea

Wind, sun, water. The production of salt, the white gold of the Mediterranean Sea is apparently simple but it actually implies centuries of history and techniques that have been shaping fantastic landscaped suspended between heaven and earth that are spread throughout Italy together with the surrounding sea and villages. They are featured by the huge sea water tanks that were built around the labyrinths of canals and locks that look like a chess board where the pieces are the salt pans each having its own function in the production process. It’s a chess board where the men and the nature have been playing and endless game that enabled the human intellect to turn a natural landscape into a functional one to produce the salt. A unique set of landscapes that connect the Po river from the North that was once considered the salt way with the South: they are sometimes natural oasis or reserves that gather the cultural and historical value of a whole geographical area that must be protected and that deserves to be known.

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