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e-borghi travel 5, Landscapes and villages: Itinerary: The “villages of the Infinite”

Sweet hills spotted with tiny villages overlooking Mount Conero. This is Giacomo Leopardi’s birthland and this landscape has always been a source of inspiration for the past and present artists and for the tourists who fancy spending at least one week-end in search of its treasures. Recanati, Osimo, Castelfidardo, Loreto, Montelupone as well as Polverigi, Agugliano and Santa Maria Nuova are among the best-known destinations of the so-called “villages of the Infinite”, the poem by Leopardi that’s going to celebrate its bicentenary. There are ancient villages like Osimo whose Baptistery keeps some works by Antonio Sarti where it’s impossible to get bored: there are plenty of tracks in the green, music routes (Castelfidardo is the homeland of the accordion), food and wine routes and religious tracks. Actually Corinaldo is santa Maria Goretti’s homeland while in Loreto there’s a big Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary, according to the tradition Mary’s house was brought there by the angels.
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