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e-borghi travel 5, Landscapes and villages: The landscapes within

The world’s landscapes are real or are they just an illusion? The people in the world roughly share the same view about them though each individual sense the colours, the elements, the shapes differently. Four authors that represent four different worlds describe the feeling that goes beyond the real landscapes and includes all the different features of life. Let’s start our journey through the real and the ideal with the landscapes that show the bright sky, the ideal cities, the strict architecture: they are Armando Orfeo’s perfect outlooks (Marina di Grosseto 1964). letters, books, musical instruments, TVs to be set, paper planes floating in the windless air: they are the utopian images that impress our sight because we don’t expect the perfection, they push us to get on a meaning where we can find “little war-ships against all types of single thoughts or simple lifeboats to save us from our daily trivial habits” thus erasing our daily limits.

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