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e-borghi travel 6, Lakes and villages: Lake Iseo, attraction between the Camonica Valley and Franciacorta

It’s a little piece of Heaven set between the province of Brescia and the province of Bergamo: the stone villages, the old parish churches, the castles, the monasteries, the villas and the fortresses frame the lake’s shores which is also one of the best destinations of the gourmet travellers. You can have a toast by drinking the white wine from the Franciacorta area while you are tasting the delicious risotto with the perch, the fried aole, the eel that is cooked in many different ways and the roast char. The lake is also known by the name of lake Sebino, it’s the sixth widest lake in Italy and it hosts the widest lake island of Europe: Monte Isola which literally rises in the middle and it’s spread with tiny villages rich of history and traditions like Senzano or Cure where the production of the handcraft “salame” is continued. It’s nice to reach the sanctuary of Madonna della Ceriola at the top of Monte Isola since you can enjoy a breathless view on a bright day.

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