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e-borghi travel 6, Lakes and villages: Lake Lesina, silence and poetry

Lake Lesina and its basin aren’t Puglia with its white houses, the clear blue sea and the Baroque style. It’s set between the law-land of Puglia and the Gargano ridge. The colors are softer and the places are filled with poetry, the nature matches the quiet areas where time slowly goes by. It’s a 22 kilometers long stretch of water and it’s only 2 kilometers wide. Lake Lesina is the second biggest lake in Southern Italy, many streams reach it but it is also enriched with the underground water and the rainwater. It’s less than one meter deep and it’s connected to the sea by two artificial canals, Acquarotta and Schiapparo that mix the salt water from the Adriatic Sea with the sweet water by creating a marshy environment which is very important for the development of the whole basin.

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