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e-borghi travel 6, Lakes and villages: The standing art

Antonio Fraddosio commitment for the environment is “sometimes great and immense”, it’s an explosion of the soul against the environment deterioration.This is the strong artistic message of the sculptor Antonio Fraddosio (Barletta, 1951) who states that “the art and any creative expression must not disregard the spiritual values». These are the words of an artist who calls himself a campaigner for whom “making a work of art in this historical age is mainly a political action, it’s the reaction against the globalized economic and financial power that forces us into a servile condition». So the installation "the coveralls and the steel" (Modern Art Gallery, Rome; 1st November 2018 – 3rd March 2019) has arised the attention about the environmental issue of Ilva of Taranto and the personal involvment of the artist is evident in his installation: «My memories of Taranto before Italsider are clear and they are still alive in my mind. Taranto was a wonderful city, laying between two seas (…) there were many colours and tastes that don’t exist anymore (…) it was a city of golden stones».

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