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e-borghi travel 6, Lakes and villages: Lakes, the water of delights

Lake’s eyes, water pupils that watch you through the trees’ eyelashes. Sweet eyes contemplating the surrounding landscapes. Mouths trying unusual tastes like the ones of the fish that have never seen the sea. The white fish is a fine fish belonging to the Salmonidi species. Where can you eat it? In one of the wonderful villages overlooking lake Bracciano in Lazio along the panoramic route that surrounds it. The white fish is called “coreghone” here, it’s generally roasted and flavoured with parsley, salt, lemon and olive oil that are put inside it. A good wine is never missing with a good fish, not necessarily white. Let’s taste the wine from lake Caldaro, the widest stretch of water in the province of Bolzano. The Kalterersee is a DOP “allrounder” to be served at 10 degrees of temperature. The historical cooperative Kaltern represents all the producers of this area to be discovered together with its wines like the Quintessenz and the Leuchtenberg.

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