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e-borghi travel 6, Lakes and villages: Crossborder: Finland, the villages surrounded by the water

Finlandia is a country with strong contrasts, the light and the dark, the land and the water, the technology and the nature. One third of the nation is considered a protected area thanks to its 40 National parks that are spread along the whole country. It’s a landscape where you can experience the nature in a comprehensive way, visit the typical villages that are set in peculiar environments that are maily featured by the lakes. Our journey from the Baltic costlines of Lapponia shows us the main facets of Finland: it’s an anthropological, geographical and cultural phenomemon. The history of this geographical area is related to the trades especially the ones that were carried out by the Southern villages that were completely made of wood in the past. One of the most untouched is Rauma, it overlooks the gulf of Botnia and it was enetered into the list of the Unesco’s Heritage. In its oldest part around the church of Santa Croce there are hundreds of tiny pastel coloured houses dating back to the 18th and the 19th century that have become nice cafés, art galleries or workshops dedicated to the production of the bobbin laces.

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