N. 6 Lakes and villages: Lake Trasimeno, the little Sea of Umbria

It’s the little sea of Umbria, a huge stretch of water surrounded by an amazing set of hills. It’s the fourth biggest lake of Italy after lake Garda, lake Maggiore and lake Como and it’s also the biggest lake in Central Italy. It’s 6 meters deep, it doesn’t have a natural affluent an it’s mainly filled with rainwater and a few streams. It has been inhabited since the prehistoric Age and the famous battle between Hannibal’s Carthaginian army and Gaio Flaminio’s Roman legions took place on its shores. The three biggest islands, Piolvese, Maggiore and Minore are surrounded by some historical villages that are featured by some old traditions. The “Festival Trasimeno Blues” is one of the most important events that are held in this area, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the local culture and the natural attractions of this basin.


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