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e-borghi travel 7, Islands and villages: Islands of tastes

The manna exists and by coincidence it gushes from an island. Providential islands, the islands of abundance starting with their scents and tastes. Little spots of beauty on the mainland or big bodies that touch the sea, they all offer their unique cuisine and products. Sicily, the micro-climate of Madonie, the lymph of the local ashes: the manna. What’s it taste like? “This is the problem: you can’t describe it! Maestro Nicola, the pastry chef of the family business Fiasconaro that has been making delicious sweets for sixty years in Castelbuono, the village where the production is based says. «It’s a bit of dripstone, a bit of honey, a bit of sugar, it has a unique taste: if you don’t taste it you won’t be able to give your opinion. It doesn’t fall down from the sky but it’s a gift from the sky!” Once it was an important economic resource but a few peasants can still carve the trees in the Summer heat. We invite the young people to “re-evaluate this old technique”. You can eat it “row” or you can work it and make tasty creams for ice-creams’ toppings.

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