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e-borghi travel 7, Islands and villages: Calabria, The third Italian Island

And this is exactly how Calabria was called more than 50 years ago until, the Autostrada del Sole connected it first with Salerno and later with the rest of the Country. We, however, like to think that this definition was related to the fact that it was firmly attached to the rest of Italy and Europe by that thin isthmus of land just at the Pollino’s height. Actually there are two islands in Calabria that are completely surrounded by the sea: the Island of Cirella and the Island of Dino; but also the wonderful “Le Castella” is practically considered an island because of the invisible “stretch” of land that joins it to the mainland, right in the middle of the “Marine Reserve of Isola Capo Rizzuto”. There are also several rocks and islets that embellish the coast of Calabria with their characteristic shapes.

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