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e-borghi travel 7, Islands and villages: The Borromean Islands, colours on the water

It had been the favourite holiday destination for the noble Lombard families since the 18th century among which the Borromeo family, the prestigious family with Florentine origins as well as the Visconti family. Lake Maggiore is among the most appreciated Italian lakes, it has become an attraction for the Italian and the foreign artists too. It borders on Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland, it’s surrounded and protected by the cold Northern wind and by the hills and the mountains. The Borromean Islands are the heart of this lake, it’s a little heaven of art and nature that was deeply loved by Ernest Hemingway and by the English Royal Family and it is the destination of big tourists waves from Central Europe nowadays. The monumental Isola Bella overlooked by the grand Borromean Palace and its amazing gardens is sided by the Isola Madre which features a botanic garden full of rare species of plants and by the Isola dei Pescatori and the islet of San Giovanni, set by Pallanza and the rock of Marghera.

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