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e-borghi travel 7, Islands and villages: The Tiber Island, the peace in the capital city

It’s a peaceful corner in the heart of Rome. It’s set along the stretch of water that runs through its shores and it touches the Southern part of the centre and the Northern part of Trastevere. According to the legend this island was made with the shieves of wheat that was harvested in Campo Marzio in 510 B.C. It’s connected to the heart of Rome and the characteristic district of Trastevere through the Fabricio and Cestio bridges, the Tiber island has always been considered one of the most picturesque areas of the city. Rome slows down and lingers in contemplation here to show its descreet soul and its memories. The busy squares of the capital city sound distant from this corner of the river Tiber full of history and charme. The Tiber island is a nice break from the busy vibrant squares, the streets of the city centre, the bright colours, the narrow streets and the little squares of Trastevere. You can reach this island to take a peaceful break and hear the city in the distance, you can contemplate the river Tiber and you can also have lunch in one of its several locals.

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