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e-borghi travel 8, Taste and villages: The Dop Montasio Cheese: the peaks of taste

The Montasio cheese belongs to the big family of the mountain cheese. It was born around 1200 in the valleys of the Julian and the Carnic Alps thanks to the patience and brightness of the Benedictine Monks, it is produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in all the areas of the province of Udine, Pordenone, Gorizia and Trieste and in Veneto as well, in the areas of the provinces of Treviso and Belluno and partially in the province of Padua and Venice too. The Consortium for the protection of the Montasio Cheese is responsible with checking its trading and its production aiming at successfully promoting this product. The Consortium supports this specific sector, it checks the working, it analyses the samples, it runs the research activities and it supervises the final selling of this product in order to protect the consumers mainly regarding the health and hygiene regulations, the legal use of the brand and the proper use of the identification of origin. If you want to get further information about the Consortium’s activities and the Montasio’s features you can visit the website
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