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e-borghi travel 8, Taste and villages: The villages of truffles: the perfume of the good soil

Besides being the king of the kitchen, what is a truffle exactly? It’s a sort of spontaneous underground mushroom: its value is due to the fact that you can’t cultivate it so you must search for it in the forests (thanks to the dogs’ nose) and it must be strictly picked up by hand. There are different types of truffles and among the thirteen ones that you can pick up in Italy the most precious one is with no doubt the Tuber Magnatum, the white truffle. So we can’t help starting our roundup with the “International Trade-Fair of the White Truffles of Alba” (Cuneo) that’s going to be held from the 5th to the 24th November this year. An exhibition hall will be dedicated to this product and the whole historical centre will be a huge outdoor market where you can find the rare truffles and you can see how they can be used to make the sauces, the cheese, the salami as well as other typical products and specialities from Piedmont. When you stroll around the village searching for different tasty products you’ll be able to see the cathedral next to the city hall in the elegant Piazza Risorgimento and you will glimpse the Medieval towers in the nearby streets. The shops, the boutique and the good restaurants won’t be missing too.
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