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e-borghi travel 8, Taste and villages: A journey through the light beer, the red one and the dark one

People like beer more and more. The market of the beer has reached a billion euros in 2018 for the first time in Italy with an average consumption per capita of 32 litres, the highest ever. The offer range has been steadily increasing: from the cannabis flavoured beer to the artichoke one from Puglia, the sour cherry one, the IGP red radicchio one and the rice one. There’s even the first earthquake agri-beer that is produced at 1.600 metres of altitude on the mountains between Amatrice e Leonessa by using the scraps from bread that change its taste, its colour and its thickness according to the type of bread that the brewery can keep from the selling remains. In the mean-time the number of breweries is increasing: according to a recent estimate they are around 850 spread all around Italy. We chose four of them, two in the North, one in the Centre and one in the South that are based in the villages or in the little towns, basically they are all charming places that perfectly suit our journey at the discovery of different geographical areas. Lert’s start with a particularly “sparkling” hint!

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