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e-borghi travel 8, Taste and villages: Bergamot, the green gold from Calabria

Poets described the bergamot as “the most beautiful fruit” or even “the Aphrodite’s apple” in order to revive its myth over the years. Its origin is still uncertain, it seems related with the Turkish “berga-mundi”, or conil “the lord’s pear” because of the typical shape of the pear-bergamot. In Calabria, in Reggio Calabria and along the coastline of the Ionian Sea this word had been heard since the end of the 15th century when this fruit was implanted in a lemon tree and the bergamot started to be widely cultivated to extract its precious perfumed essence to produce the essential oil that was needed to make the highly commercialized perfumes. Until a short time ago they thought that this fruit could be used in the cosmetics and in the medicine fields only while it has been widely proved that it is very well known in the food field as well.

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