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e-borghi travel 9, Craftmanship e-borghi: Golden glows of Calabria

Among the different types of handcrafts from Calabria, the art of making jewels is very important and it’s rated among the most noble art forms from this region. In Calabria the gold handcrafting is a very ancient art and it’s a smooth balance between the different historical ages that have been featuring this art field since the most remote time. There are plenty of jewels and precious objects that perfectly describe this region’s gold crafting skills, some of them even date back to the Neolithic Age when the coral and the mother of pearl were already used although only because of their apotropaic function. This is a function that has been adding more symbols and virtual values along the centuries: historical, archaeological, cultural, religious, social values that have been featuring all the following dominations. They are the precious jewels made by the great Masters from Calabria among which Spadafora, Affidato, Sacco, just to make a few examples. They are well-known all over the world and they have been always been inspired by the traditions of Magna Grecia, the Roman and the Byzantine ones.

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